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Network design and construction

Computer networks are part of our communication on the Internet. "Novatech" Ltd. offers the best solutions in their construction to meet the consumer requirements and needs. We can offer you build optical connectivity, LAN-networks, VPN-connection between your office and clients, firewall-defended your data. We have a team of highly trained professionals able to meet the requirements and needs. We plan and construct cable infrastructure containing multiple elements and subsystems, while maintaining high quality standards and guarantees. Wiring must cover specific parameters during installation in offices, business centers, centers for data storage, communication facilities etc.


Designing and constructing Local Area Network - LAN

  • Network design
  • Cabling
  • Installing network computers and share files and folders
  • Installation and administration of network equipment - routers, switches, and more.
  • Create and share network printers
  • Training users to use the network
  • Free consultation by phone


Design and construction of a wireless network:

  • View of room to place access points
  • Add and install a pci card or usb wireless network devices
  • Network administration
  • Training users to use the network
  • Free consultation by phone


Building VPN - Virtual Private Network

 VPN is a virtual private network through which you can connect LANs at your offices and have fast and secure access to the corporate network from anywhere. Provides connectivity between computer networks via Internet, data security and easy management. Building a VPN is suitable for companies that have offices in the country and need constant touch. Building a VPN provides encryption and protection of corporate information.