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Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service that provides individuals and organizations hosting (contained on the server) of web pages and other types of information: data, files, images, video, etc. At exactly a term subscription to the resources of one or more computers (servers) that have direct and high quality access to the Internet. webhosting . In practice, web hosting can be provided from any computer, including PC that is connected to the Internet can provide for viewing, using, downloading files and web pages, but a large volume of files and more visitors, it is provided as a service by hosting companies also provide broadband access to the site and files to the Internet.

"Novatech" Ltd. provides permanent 24/7/365 technical support by phone and e-mail. So our customers know that any time there is someone to answer their questions and address their concerns.
For MAINTENANCE we not only understand the obligation to maintain the clock specified technical parameters of hosting services - MAINTENANCE word for us is to help the users of our services to implement their plans and ideas related to the construction and administration of their web sites and web applications.

Responsible general approach and the conservation and protection of the information located on our servers do not allow any compromise with brand and quality of the used server equipment.