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Sofia Airport

As a commercial enterprise, Sofia Airport performs several business activities in parallel with its main role as a designated airport operator.The Ground Handling activities are most contributory to the commercial revenues. Sofia Airport EAD holds all necessary licences, ground service equipment, trained and certified staff.Sofia Airport is the biggest international airport in the country with over 5 million visitors annually - passengers, meeters and greeters, personnel. Sofia Airport has organised modern advertisement displays strategically located in the most attractive places in and outside the terminals which makes the communication campaigns on site highly effective.


BNB Printing Works

The mission of the BNB Printing Works is to: Assist the Bulgarian National Bank in the management of the country’s currency circulation by executing its orders for banknote production every year. To give adequate answer to the needs of the Bulgarian government and other official institutions for printed products with incorporated elements of high security level protection. Provide security and high quality production, intended to reach more clients looking for protection of their documents. Keep loyal partnership with all of our clients and partners based on mutually beneficial conditions and professional attitude.



SpeedNET.BGis a company specialized in the maintenance of computers and office equipment. In addition to supporting the company deals with system integration of hardware and software, build servers, networking, assembling computer systems, construction and maintenance of web pages, deleted data recovery, VoIP telephony.Our company has highly qualified professionals specialized in different types of hardware and software so that we can offer qualified assistance in building both desktop and server systems, and support for different operating systems such as Windows, Linux, * BSD , MacOS.


NOVCOMPUTER.BG can satisfy all your software and hardware needs:

  • You can buy your new computer at an attractive price
  • You can get a website domain and hosting plan
  • You can consult free for all products and services we offer
  • You can count on support, warranty and post-warranty service



Galeria Plovdiv

"Galeria Plovdiv" is located in the city of Plovdiv, "Georgi Stranski" № 3 (next to METRO Cash&Carry) and has over 1,350 parking spaces, more than 100 shops, places to eat, coffee, entertainment and more. "Galeria Plovdiv" is unique for its unique entertainment venues. Here is located the only year-round ice rink in Bulgaria and the highest artificial climbing wall in the country. The complex also features a room for table tennis, bowling, billiards and snooker, simulators and more.


Company "Temira 0203" Ltd. operates more than 10 years to meet the needs of its clients, whose main business is buying and selling pallets of good market prices. Available in stock all kinds of pallets. It has its own transport, which allows transport and delivery within 24 hours, and delivery in region of Sofia is free. Company "Temira 0203" Ltd. is certified to recycle waste wood.