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"Novatech" Ltd. is a telecommucation operator since 1999.фирматаThe company is one of the first ISPs in Bulgaria.

Our main business activities are building and maintenance of telecommunications networks, sales of laptops, computers and components, computer and network maintenance for corporate and private clients, systems for audio and video surveillance, web page design and hosting, colocation of servers in a special conditioned areas and etc. We are distributor of first level of all importers of computer and telecommunication equipment to Bulgaria.


колективThe team of the company is composed of young and promising professionals, most of whom have over 5 years experience in the field of telecommunications.

Our responsibility is to make sure that our clients are receiving best-quality services, fast and accurate support.


мрежиTelecommunication services which our company provides, are guaranteed by our long experience in this field. Our solutions in both the design and the construction of telecommunication networks and structural cabling are based on the latest proven technologies and products from proven brands.